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When the mind controlS you it is a bondage, when you start to master your mind this is yoga

yoga retreats in Sri Lanka and Online Classes
yoga retreats in Morocco and Sri Lanka
Yoga Retreats and Online Classes Stefania Zen Yoga

About stefania

Hello! I’m Stefania.

My journey with yoga began nearly two decades ago when I discovered its transformative power in alleviating back pain caused by scoliosis. As a teenager carrying a backpack on one shoulder, I turned to Hatha yoga to improve my posture and found an enduring passion for the practice.

Originally from Kyiv, I pursued a career in administrative offices and later worked on film sets after graduating from the University of Philology. In 2015, I relocated to Paris, where I continued my yoga journey amidst “nutritious” jobs in the hotel industry and real estate. Motivated by a desire to share my passion and alleviate tension and back pain among colleagues working long hours in the office, I began teaching yoga classes, which seamlessly transitioned to online sessions during the lockdown.

In February and March 2022, I deepened my understanding of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga through studies in Rishikesh. Shortly after, I started teaching Anatomy and Sequencing at a teacher training school in India, where I lived and practiced alongside a team of Indian teachers.

Now, I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to continue my yoga journey in Sri Lanka, where I live and share my love for yoga. Join me in exploring the profound connection between mind and body through yoga, as we work together to alleviate back pain and foster overall well-being. Whether you’re an advanced yoga practitioner or new to yoga, I look forward to guiding you on this transformative journey.

Teaching vision

Yoga can be practiced by everyone: regardless of age, gender, level of stretch or muscle strength. The bottom line is the desire to help you become more confident and stronger, freer and more fulfilled, healthier and more passionate. And I am happy to help you on this path.

Yoga is a way to cleanse our physical and mental body: Like brushing our teeth after every meal, our body also needs movement and the release of toxins. Blockages cause pain, weakness, and keep us from realizing our full potential.

Give rest to our mind. In the modern world, the mind is constantly strained. He does not have time to filter all the flow of information, thoughts and emotions that arise in this process, sometimes destructive and which can cause mental pain. Yoga helps to configure the energy channels for a better connection with yourself, to better circulate the pure flow of vitality which helps to maintain calm, joy, inspiration and clarity of mind.

Yoga doesn’t stop when we roll out the mat. It continues in our internal dialogue and our body. In our relationships with our loved ones, our colleagues and even passers-by. In our motivation and our discipline. In the space that we create around us every day and that we share, and through which we influence the world.

Stefania Zen Yoga Retreats and Yoga Classes

Practicing yoga with me is like a journey that begins with the physical body and leads to the subtle depths of spirituality




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